graceful + lovely


About Me

Hey y'all!  I'm Lori!  I have a huge crush on this guy- my husband.  He's my best friend and my everything.  I am a Christian and love Jesus more than anything.  I am a small town Texas girl. I call everybody ma'am + sir.  My values are very important to me.  I am a writer.  I've been writing since I was a little girl.  I am currently working on my first novel.  I am obsessed with anything vintage + roses.  My maiden name is Rosales, which means rose in English, so it's safe to say I've been obsessed with roses all my life.  I'm also obsessed with stationery, planners + notebooks.  Thrifting is a hobby of mine.  I can literally spend all day in Target + IKEA.  I am a sucker for cute packaging, it just makes my whole day.  My favorite color is: black.  My favorite show is: The Big Bang Theory.  My favorite sport is: basketball.  My favorite band is: The Killers. My favorite food is: pizza.

You know when people say when people rush in, it won't ever work?  Well, that's not entirely true. My husband and I met in college: 5/9/2009. He told me he loved me: 5/18/09. He asked me to be his girlfriend: 5/22/09. We dated long distance for about 3 months. We moved in together: 8/1/09. He asked me to marry him: 10/25/09. We married: 03/27/10. BOOM! Happily ever after.

You can read more about our story [here]